7/30/21—Surrendering to Federal Prison Camp

Today at noon I surrendered to prison. I had some preconceived notions of what it would be like. It is completely different than I thought. The prison staff was very respectful and helpful. I am currently in quarantine with 4 other guys. They helped me immediately figure out rules, my bunk situation and how to access this computer so I can start blogging. We will be in quarantine for up to 3 weeks.There are 20+ bunk beds with only 5-6 of us right now. 

The facility is decent. No complaints. They have bunk beds but due to covid there is only 1 person per set of bunk beds. There are showers and decent bathrooms. 

We received lunch and dinner so far. Dinner was actually really good. We had tacos with salsa, rice and beans. We have unlimited access to water bottles

I miss my wife and kids a ton. I did get to talk to them today. Phone calls are free right now because of Covid. Only 15 minutes at time, but can use it again after 15 minutes goes by.

The uniforms are not all bad. They give you pants, shirts and shorts. The uniforms are green with some items being tan. 

What I have learned so far is that under any circumstance the human mind is good at adapting. I want to start setting goals so I dont get caught up watching tv and chatting all day. Ill spend some time tomorrow coming up with goals I can work towards while here in prison so I can better myseLf.

I look forward to blogging for everyone and keeping them in the loop on my plans and how I plan to better myself.