07/31/21- Finding my Rhythm

We had grits for breakfast this morning. I mixed some peanut butter and banana bread in it and it made it ok. They have brunch on weekends. We had brunch at 10:30am. It was eggs, tater tots, salsa and tortilla.

What’s been difficult for me is that they have rules here at prison but trying to learn what is aloud and not aloud will take some time. I naturally want to help everyone with everything but you have to make sure its within the rules. Being in quarantine I have gotten close with the 5 guys in here. They are all super intelligent. We have been trying to figure out what we can and cant do together.

I have been trying to get into a routine but I have not yet. Been doing something different all day from yoga, meditation, working out, reading and playing cards. I want to write a schedule down on a piece of paper so that I feel like I have set goals and I am meeting my goals. Right now its its not a good feeling just randomly doing stuff to make time pass. I should get my commissary on Tuesday and at that time I will get some paper and a pen. That will allow me to get organized with my time and day.
I have started reading a book named the Homo Sapien. Its very interesting and discusses how humans have evolved over the years. I will do a quick book blog on it when I am done with it tomorrow.

One of the guys I am in with is a professor in ecoonomics and speaks Spanish. He has shared some good stories, I look forward to hearing more from him. He is also into meditation and yoga! My wife and I have been going to Yoga and meditating the last couple months. We are going do meditate and do yoga tomorrow morning. I cant wait!