09/27/21 “Left the Prison today”

Today at work we had to dump all the shavings we had. They go down the street to the horse farm for shavings for the horses. We loaded them up in the truck and drove right of the prison ad down the road. It was so different seeing things on the outside again. We were by ourselves just driving around, no officers or anyone with us.  I thought about it literally the rest of the day. I work on the prison camp but about half the camp works in landscaping off the prison. I have really thought about changing jobs to work outside of the prison in landscaping. I have experience with large tractors and equipment, I think that would be a really cool job. Seeing the different sites and areas everyday would help the time pass. My carpentry job is a good job and I have access to email all day at it but hard to stay busy in carpentry. It can be boring at times. I’m going to think it over this week and make a decision.

I’ve still been playing volleyball everyday for about 2 hours, I am surprisingly decent now. I have to stretch for about 30min prior and even after that I’m still sore at the end. Its all good. For 2 hours everyday I forget I’m at prison.

The officers have become stricter lately, we had our work searched up and down today and my cell was searched today. I don’t have any contraband so its not a big deal. They go through your clothes, food, bedding and more.