1/17/22 aging, snow, rumor mill

I wrote an article on some aging books ive read and some reasons why I have found some interest in them. The science out there right now is really awesome and aging will be a huge industry soon if not already. I follow 3 guys in particular who specilaize in the field. My favorite of the 3 is David Sinclair who is the director of aging at Harvard and also has a must read book “life span”! Nir Barzilai is the director of aging at Albert Einstein College of medicine, he is also another who has some great research and information. Leonard Gaurente has some good stuff to read about, him and David has collaborated quite a bit.

Im proud of Margo because she has taken quite a bit of interest in it as well, she just sent me all information on some of the things shes doing that Sinclair has research on. She has met with doctors and started with a different routine already. There is a website insidetracker.com that david sinclair is associated with, check it out, with your blood they can give you your cellular age and analyze other components of it. It will be a good benchmark for future bio tracking. Margo understands it really well so if you are interested let her know. We are not sponsors of it or anything, its just really interesting and exciting.

It SNOWED yesterday! Its been a few years since i have seen snow, I went outside and walked in it for awhile. Nobody else was outside except for me. Im one of only a few florida people here.

Covid has hit the camp pretty hard here, the beds on both sides of me are empty because they moved the guys to quarintine. Both guys I hang out with the most have covid so its been a quite slow week for me. Nobdy has been super ill here though.

“Inmate.com” So, there are a few topics that get talked about everyday here between inmates. Everyone has their opinion on them and the same topic can can be told widely different. The big topics right now are cares act, covid, and FSA credit. Cares act is an act that was implement to allow guys to go home after they have served 25% or 50% of their sentence if they have a condition that makes them vulnerable to Covid. FSA credits is a big one right now in camp because we are suppose to find out more information about it this week but supposedly any classes we have took will give us days off our sentence. Im prepared for both but I dont think they will have a huge effect on my sentence as I dont have much left. Since i have been in custody I have taken over 30 classes and am currently in their largest class RDAP.   

Ok thats my update for this week! Thank you guys for ready and if you ever want to reach out to me or have questions ask Margo how.