1/3/22 “Resolutions and more”

For part of the RDAP class I am currently in we need to identify our struggles. We choose from 8 attitudes caring, responsibility, objectivity, willingness, humility, open mindedness, honesty, gratitude. The one I would like to focus on because I believe its whats I’ve lacked the most is gratitude. I am also making this a focus for my new years resolution. I would like to be more thankful for the things I already have, recognize whats important in my life and realize I only need those things. Thats what gratitude means to me. With the classes I’m taking its not something you can just say and hope it happens, the community and the staff will hold  you accountable through out the course. There is extensive reading and papers due around the subject. I look forward to it!

I had a moment yesterday that worried me. I have made a list of the things I want to accomplish while here in prison, some are family related, some related to working on myself and many others are business related. My list is roughly 15-20 items long and I have checked them off as I go. What has worried me is I am almost half way through my stay here and I have not accomplished half of what I have wanted to. I will get there though, this time in prison will be for something.

I’m reading another really good book, I don’t know why I haven’t read many of these books prior. The name of the book is ” The Hard Things about Hard Things” By Ben Horowitz. Its about issues and mistakes that CEO and presidents of companies can make including ones he made. Very good busyness stories of companies you have heard of. Great read.

I was asked how much TV I watch the other day. The only single show or TV I watch is Yellowstone which had its season finale last night. Other than that I don’t watch any TV at all. I never did watch my TV but in here I watch even less. I don’t even watch football right now, it reminds me too much of the youth football I coached. Makes it too difficult to watch it right now. What I do to pass time in the afternoons when I’m done with my studies and work is walk on the track. I walk the track everyday for at least an hour or 2. Its very good time to think and meditate. As I have explained in the past the track is awesome, it has an unbelievable view of a lake, trees, and wildlife. We see deer, ducks, large catfish, raccoons, alligators and more.