1/6/21 “midweek update”

Hmm, I’m still struggling for things to write about. I would like to give you guys more updates from here but my routine has been rather simple of late. Nothing too exciting here in prison, prison camp is nothing like the movies. They had some confirmed covid cases here in camp yesterday, first time I have heard of cases here in camp since I have been here. None of the guys are real sick and I see them in the quarantine building when im running on the track. Quarantine is super boring so they are usually just staring out the window watching us run.

A couple of the guys in the program got caught with cigarettes a couple days ago. When they get caught they have to stand up in front of everyone and tell us about it and their struggles. Its hard because these guys can gain significant extra time in prison just by smoking cigarettes, definitely not worth it. There isn’t alot of it going on where I stay but the regular general population has a quite a few smokers.

I received pictures today from a bunch of different people, I really enjoy going through them. There is an email and/or a number you can send them to and then they will be printed and sent to me. Hopefully Margo can post that info for you.

I would like to read some books on nutrition if anyone has any good reads.

Also, does anyone know of anyone in north fort Myers for speed and strength training that would be close for Margo to take Sawyer? I have worked with him every year in the past and it has bothered me he hasn’t been training as much without me there. Margo does a great job with him but I cant expect her to do the job of 2 parents.

Family and kids are good right now. I’m grateful and content. Ill keep you guys posted as more comes up.