10/13/21 “Life Span”

Some times you get too much time to think in here. Some times you think about crazy stuff! Well here is one of those ideas I have been working on. I feel like a couple years of my life have been taken away from me. A year fighting the indictment and Ill probably spend about a year in prison. If you count the next few years I will be spending rebulding the company it proabably equates to 4-5 years of my life. I think building the company back to what it was will happen sooner than it did the first time because of the lessons I have learned. Im mostly upset about the time it has taken me away from my family though. The last year or so and now in prison I have missed being with my family. Ok, so here is the crazy thoughts I have. I have been researching and reading books and studies on life expectancy. I want to be healthy and add years in my life so I can some how make up for eveyrthing. That I can still acheive everything im suppose too. I have read several books on health and aging. The doctors here have turned me onto several books. I really like one book in particular “Life Span”. The author is one of the leading experts in aging in the world. He is a doctor, biologist and has several labs with many scientists working for him. He is the head of the aging research team at Harvard. Its a well written book that goes down and explains what actually happens at a molecular level. I felt like I almosted needed a biology degree to read it. There are so many things we can do to improve our life expectancy and quality of life RIGHT NOW. They have drugs and over the counter medications that will increase your life span by over 15-20% now. They will have other medications that will increase it more than that here within the next few years and even crazier things happening within the next decade. Now those are either drugs or supplements, if thats not something that interests you there are a bunch of natural ways to accomplish what some of these medications do. There is a survival circuit in the body that the author wants you to engage.  I wont go much further into it but I plan on engaging in some of those ways to hopefully live a longer and better life while in prison. I want to be able to be there for my great grand kids, I want to coach them and even help them still pick out rodeo horses.

If you dont want to read the book research StACS, AmPK activators, mTor inhibitors, and Senolytics. They have tons of research and trials that have shown women living 40% longer life spans and men up to 30+%.

If you would like to look into some of the drugs and supplements you can take you can research these. Resveratrol, Metformin, NMN (which is a supplement). For some of you horse people they actually use some of the drugs in horses, they have successfully got mares to reproduce years after they no longer produced eggs.

Some natural things you can do include lowering calorie intake, intermittent fastening, Intense Interval exercising. I know Im mising many others.

Anyways, thought I would share. Im running out of stuff to talk about so this has been my kick lately. Everything is just from what I have read and should probably have a disclaimer with it. LOL.