10/14/21 “RDAP Program”

I interviewed for the RDAP program here today. I have been trying to get into this program. After they interviewed me they told me I was accepted into the program! This is great news. Again, this was one of those milestones and im excited about it. The rest of the day went well.

I have been playing tennis now for 5 days straight. They have 2 courts, one is considered the “A” court and one the “B” court. The A players are alot better players. Mostly doctors, and financial investment guys there that have probably been playing on the outside for awhile. One of the doctors asked me to play with him over there today, I was nervous. We played 3 sets and won all of them. I held my own for sure, I was actually surprised how quickly tennis has come back to me. Last time I played was middle school.

Last weekend I played in a Bocce ball tournament. Out of 17 teams we finished third, no idea how we pulled off the high of a ranking considering we just learned. Lots of these guys have been playing for years and are unbelieveably good.

At work today we finished putting the turf down and the side rails for another bocce court. Believe it or not I now know how to make a full size Bocce court.

I talk to my wife and kids every morning and afternoon on the phone and multiple times a day via email. So good to hear from them everyday.