10/19/21 “Visitation and Beckett Sports”

Wow I had an awesome visit with the girls this past weekend. On the way to come see me Margo stopped at a couple rodeos, one of them being in Alabama. They were her 2 first rodeos of the year and she won them both! How cool! Margo dyed her hair brown which surprised me when I saw her but she looked as beautiful as ever. I hope my daughters get her genes and not mine. We had some good talks. Crazy Saylor changed so much from last month, I really cant believe how much smarter and more aware she was. In one month she went from saying 2 words at a time to now saying 5 words and forming whole sentences. Right when she saw me she came running and tried to hug me through the Plexiglas. Of course I cried seeing them immediately. Thought I was going to do better this time. She looked at me this time for a solid minute wondering what was going on and why she couldn’t touch me or go under the Plexiglas and hold me. Her little eyes were going back and forth. It broke my heart that she was confused, hardest moment of my life for sure. She was good after that and showed off for me. Stella and her mom were having grown up conversations discussing what they were going to do on the ride home and other things related to horses. So cool when Stella gives me the details of her moms run and what happened during the run. I really enjoyed the visit. When they left it was the most painful time of any of them because I hadn’t seen them in awhile and I felt like I was just adjusting to not seeing them much. Sucks when they leave and your crying, they line you up with the other inmates to get patted down all while trying to hide the tears so no other inmates dont see them LOL. Completely worth seeing them though!!!!

Another interesting inmate story. I have been having some long conversations with a gentleman named Greg Lindberg who I have talked about before. He Has billions in assets and companies. One of the companies he owns is Beckett sports company. I’m a huge card and memorabilia collector. Beckett is probably one of the most well known names in the industry. I had the Beckett app and used it almost daily before I went in. Really cool to talk to him about the company and his ideas he had in making it was it is today. The company does about 100 million a year in revenue, he bought it out of bankruptcy less than 10 years ago.

Miss everyone