10/27/21 “Horses, Family, Prison Football”

My wife with the kids have been attending some barrel races and rodeos. They have been doing really good which makes me proud in here. I sit here and tell all my inmate buddies what barrel racing is. I show them barrel horse news magazines and explain how to run the pattern. Its super entertaining. Margo won in Ocala last weekend, she won nbha world first go yesterday and Stella won reserve youth in Ocala. I think the horses are trying to help pay back their way some while im out. I think I have said this before but my family is the most important thing in my life. When they are good not a single thing here in prison bothers me, some how I cant stress this enough.

We played our second game of flag football tonight! 7 vs 7 and guess whose team won, yep, thats right mine! 35-31 was the final score. It started out rough with lots of yelling and argueeing about rules, about as raw as it can get. In order to have prison football they need at least 2-3 guards to oversee it. LOL. I scored 1 touchdown and 2 extra points. I aslo guarded their best receiver who is about 6′-2″ and fast. I handle my own, I believe I gave up 2-3 catches. It was kind of dark out. Again as I seem to always do I looked up in the middle of the game and said to myself, WTF Im playing prison football! I feel like i too many life experiences at this point in my life that I shouldnt have. Oh well. I called Margo for updates and she gets excited to tell me about the horses and then as soon as she gets done I tell her about my football. These calls are so crazy! Anyways, miss all you guys. Im still working hard at doing my part and I hope to see everyone soon.