10/28/21 “RDAP Program”

I have had lots of questions about the program im in. I have now been in almost 2 weeks but only entry level classes and not as much programming as the guys who have been in awhile. Everyone outside of the program complains that the program is no good but I actually find the program helpful and not anything like they explained. It starts at 8am and lasts till about 11am. There are a couple meeting/classes a couple times a week after those times. Most of the program teaches postive attitudes, responsiblities and tools you can use to succeed. Thats an overly simplied way of explaining it but until I get into the program more thats what I have for you. I had to sign a non disclosure agreement at the beinging of the class. Obvisouly revealing other peoples treatment would be not good. I will say that I have sat in a couple meetings where some of these guys discuss their issues or addictions and it is sad, I mean really sad. I teared up today a couple times just today. What is really upsetting is that many of these guys have grown up without a good father which is probably where alot of these problems stem. When I hear this it makes me upset as I have 3 kids of my own that Im not available for right now. I find out who will be my direct couselor tomorrow. I guess this is kind of a big deal to the guys, they try and tell you who they like and dont like. For me, give me the toughest one, I want to struggle. I hope to gain alot from this program and look forward to it.

On another note I saw a group of guys leave again today to go home. So cool waving to guys youve known and seeing them go home. Many of them have been down awhile, seeing the excitment in them is just awesome!

I just finished reading a book on block chain and have started an advanced spanish book. I need to clean up some of my conjugations and past and future tense verbs. Good night!