10/31/21 “Margo and her horses”

Its crazy how much animals can be part of your life and its even crazier when they do things exactly when you need them the most, almost like they know whats going on. Margo and I love our animals. This past week Margo was at a horse event named NBHA world. I believe it the largest barrel race in the south east united states with over 1000 entries. Its a week long event. She did well all week even winning one of the 2 rounds. The final run was this past saturday. We talked 10 min before her run and she was so proud of her mom who was winning the whole thing for awhile. Her mom was riding Stellas horse! Margo was coming up soon so I told her good luck! Well I got to talk to her about an hour later and she told me she had won the whole thing and how proud she was of her horses, her mom and herself! Her mom ended up I believe 5th or 6th. Her mom doesnt quite ride as much as Margo so to place that well out of that many riders is definitely an accomplishment. Stella came up to watch her mom, grandma and her horse patron after school on thursday. She was just as excited! I heard they even got a video of stella cheering them on. Im so proud of them doing it all by themselves. Im usually the one helping them get the rig setup to go and making sure a bunch of other things are in line. Margo asked me for advice before her run and I said I have none, just do your thing! That she did for sure. The girls in my family are competitors and good at it. I hope  when I get out i can kick butt just like them.