10/4/21 “Commissary and updates”

They are about out of most things in commissary because they are doing inventory. They did have SPAM and cheddar cheese left so I ordered a bunch of both to cover me for the next couple weeks. LOL. Does anyone know what SPAM stands for?

Lots of the other guys here in prison with me have come from other higher level prisons. When they get an inmate score low enough to move down prison levels they get shipped. I asked some of the guys what the other prisons were like, they told me some horror stories but lots of the other prisons are actually less strict. Most of the guys have explained that the prison we are at is strict compared to other prisons. At the mediums and penetentaries the officers leave the inmates to themselves and respect them because of how dangerous they are. The inmates run the higher security prisons. They explained to me that because we are at a camp and the guys here are all close to going home that the guards and officers get away with alot more. I thought that was interesting. I dont see anyone doing anything really wrong here anyways, the only time ive seen people get in trouble is becuase the rules arent very clear all the time. You kind of just go with the flow, each guard you learn what they expect and go from there. Some dont care about anything and others can be strict depending on the day.

Ive started taking several new classes after work, today we started an aging class and how to help slow it down. I start an accounting class tomorrow and a typing class later this week. I believe a stock class starts next week as well as a parenting class. You get credits for these classes and may actually get some additonal time off by taking them. Im currently signed up for like 14 classes or something. ANyways thats my blog for the day.