10/6/21 “Bathroom Breaks”

Sooo.. I have been using the restroom #1 alot lately. Sometimes waking up multiple times during the night. I have not drank alot of water so I was confused and starting to get worried. It really sucks to get up and goto the restroom because its actually kind of far from my bed and I need to walk by everyone who is sleeping. Anyways I finally said something to a couple people who I got out of quarantine with, they said they were having the same problems but even worse than me. I felt partially relieved because I was about to go get my prostate checked, I thought maybe that’s what might have been causing the issue. I assume most of you know what getting your prostate checked would entail and that’s definitely not what I want some army doctor to do while in prison. After talking to a couple people who have been here awhile and the numerous inmates who are doctors we came to the conclusion that it is because of the sodium intake here. Everything we eat here has a ton of sodium. Even the items that come from commissary. For now my rear end is safe from the army doc! Next thing I need to get looked at is my gout, it is coming on real bad and hurts terribly. Its so difficult to get things taken care of by the doctor here so maybe you guys can Google some things for my about “gout”. I use to get it when I was on the outside when I would eat too much steak and drink too much beer or wine. I don’t have any of that in my diet here. Hmmm.

I got 4 min left to type. I played volleyball and bocce ball today. I lost at both.

We had 5 inmates go home today in our 18 person wing. It feels empty.

I saw a bunch of guys get yelled at today for leaving quarantine and hanging out with the rest of us. I got yelled at for watching them get yelled out. ” This isn’t a movie theater son!”

2 of my cell mates got “shots” today. Its a formal write up. They went into a quarantine where people were quarantined. These 2 poor guys are the nicest guys I know here and clearly had no idea where they were. One of them is the doctor I was in quarantine with. Shots will affect  your release date.

OK!!! That’s it for today. I need more of you to write to me. Boom!