10/8/21 ” Visitation w/ the fam & Sports”

I am super excited to see Margo, Stella and Saylor tomorrow. Margo decided to hit a couple rodeos for the new rodeo year. Her plan was to hit Bonifay last night and Dothan Alabama today. Well she won her first rodeo in Bonifay! Interesting story about that is that my first boss in carpentry who was an inmate is from there and just got out in time to goto the rodeo. Today she headed to Dothan Alabama. I’m going to call her right after this email and see how she did. Hopefully she does well, if she does too well this week it will give her the itch to go again and this year would be a tough year to do that. Margo wanted Sawyer to come up to but I had to explain to Sawyer he made a commitment to his football team so he will be in Port Charlotte tomorrow at football.

I had wrote awhile back that i was going to play tennis some more but then I went out for like 3min and whiff the ball the first couple times because I was nervous LOL. The guys on that court were actually unbelievably good. Today the guys who aren’t very good asked me to jump and so I did. I actually won my first set in doubles. I really enjoyed it and lined up a few games for tomorrow. We also entered a bocce ball tournament, we won our first game which put us in the winners bracket for this weekend.

This prison camp life physically is not bad at all. Its a big boys camp. Again, not seeing your family is the most difficult part. The more fun I have here the more guilty I feel. We move freely when we want to, we eat good, we play sports and we still communicate with our families. Which makes me not understand why they would put anyone in a prison camp, if tax payers knew about this place they would agree. These guys should all be put on ankle monitors and let out for the sake of saving money. 90% of these guys are not a detriment to society. Alot of these guys don’t have much family or friends left so this place is probably enjoyable to them.

Miss all my friends and family!