11/13/21 “Update”

Sorry I havent written in awhile. Im always looking for good topics to discuss so this doesnt become boring.  Im going to write about a few small updates.

Margo and I took some meditation and yoga classes months before I went in. I was worried about what I would do with the stress and even the bordem. I was worried that I wouldnt be able to sit still long enough and it would make me go crazy. Thats not the case at all but I still often before going to bed think about how everything played out and its still very frustrating. One of the things I still use often to help my self is meditation but specifically there is something called a “body scan”. Very simplie meditation excercise, it helps me keep my mind off of any negative thoughts or fears. It definitely helps me sleep at night.

Every morning I call Margo and the kids before they get to school. My youngest Saylor is talking well now and every morning she knows im calling. She is always so happy to talk to me. Before I went into prison she could hardly talk. Now she is speaking so much. She also asks me every time if Im still at work. My nickname for her is Cray Cray because of how crazy she was before I went in. No idea who she gets that from.

I have been reading books about Solar power and eletricity lately. Just a couple days ago the security company ADT bought a large solar installation company for 800 million dollars. I never knew there was a market that big for solar, very interesting. Its something that interests me.

In my area where I live its like a little culdasac. You get to know the guys in the area really well. 3 doctors, 1 computer hacker, 1 other roofer, 1 financial planner, 2 meth dealers and 1 email fraudster.

Thats all I got for now.