11/15/21 “Friends in low places”

I get many question about who im in prison with and what they do. I have 3-4 guys that ive gotten to know really well. All of them have helped me in different ways. The amount of knowledge I have gained from them is incredible. Very similiar situations to mine, kids, wives, and business. Business got them all in trouble, all sad stories. It has been nice to exchange business stories and ideas. Even just today I was talking with them about P/L and Balance Sheets, ratios they looked at in acquistions, good benchmarks and so on. We also talk about kids and whats best for them, types of schooling, sports. They are all very comptetive so its nice to hear their perspectives. Very caring men who care about their families deeply. We also are always talking about living in the moment, not letting the past define us, and moving on.  2 of them are from Miami / East coast of Florida. Their names are Gustavo Hernandez and Frank Chatburn. One is from Columbia and the other Ecuador. Very interesting childhoods. Im glad they have taken the time to help me and hopefully somehow Im doing the same.