11/17/21 “contact visits and more”

Some quick updates

I have been working out every day from 2pm-3pm. These guys are tough. We do not have any free weights so lots of high rep exercises and make do with whatever objects we have to use for types of weighted lifting. Such as a mop stick with gallon jugs on each end lol. I’ve lost about 15 pounds in last 3 weeks.

Today my cell mate got his own cell so I am by myself again. Its nice because it gives me more time to work at my desk and stay organized. I’m excited about this. Not sure how long it will last.

Today my boss wanted me to cut some Christmas decorations out of tree stumps for their upcoming party. He sent me out of the prison with a chainsaw and side by side to go down a path into the woods. The path goes around a large lake. It was very cool to see, the trees are changing colors and lots of wild life moving around. I looked out over the lake and all the trees around me. Reminded me of being back at home.

I still goto church every weekend. I have not missed a weekend since being out of quarantine. Its nice because they have mass all day. If you miss a service, there is always another right after.

They have lowered the covid restrictions at camp which has opened something up.  Starting the 27th of this month they are going back to full contact visits. Of course, Margo already has a planned visit this weekend. Oh well. I want to see her and the kids regardless of contact or not. Full contact allows us to kiss and hug!