11/21/21 “Visitation”

I just got out of visitation with my awesome wife and kids. This was first time they were all together to come see me. They all have such busy lives and we found a weekend where it was slow enough. We still had plexiglas in front of us but it was so worth it. I really saw something that I hope continues as a i get out of prison, it is something I have talked about before but its different when you live it and feel it. My kids were acting how most kids do, they were soooo excited to see me at first and had tons of questions and things they wanted to share. A few hours into the visit they started getting bored (normal for kids) so they engaged in some rough housing and a bit of acting up. Nothing outside of the usual but I could see it bothered my wife because she wanted them to behave for me and also not cause a scene. Before I was indicted I would have felt the  same way. Having the kids around when they were acting up was awful at times, im sure most parents can agree. In the position I am in now i would trade anything in the world to be around my kids even while they are acting up and causing a scene. I didnt lose my patience or get upset at all this time, I felt grateful that my wife brought them to me. I enjoyed watching them do all the things kids do at that age, including getting in trouble. What it made me see, more and more as I spend time in here, is that there are so many things that we could be thankful for or things that we truely enjoy but dont because we dont know what it is like with out it. How many other things do we complain about that we wouldnt know what to do without? Take a minute to think about it.