11/24/21 “Appearance & hygiene”

Ok so im doing things that im not use to doing, probably because I have more time now. Thought I would share some of them. Nothing thats life changing but I thought you guys would find some of them funny. I take care of my appearance and hygiene more now than I did before.

– I have body lotion and facial lotion, its been dry here so I have paid more attention to it. I put it on morning and night.

– I put some sand paper on a paint stick and I file the dead skin off my feet LOL. Took me 30 min last night. Yuck!

– Im growing a mustache and no beard right now. My mustache is thick and long.

– I work out 2 hours everyday now, I started this a few weeks ago. We do abs everyday for 45min to warm up. I weighed the most I have ever weighed prior. I have lost almost 15lbs. Its weird because I feel the extra skin right now. So weird.

– I get a haircut every week. I do it because I like my hair short so I dont need to style it everday. I only use gel though when someone comes to see me for a visit.

– I actually clip my hand and toe nails, I never did this before.

– I am able to watch my diet better now and keep track of calorie intake.

– I iron my clothes every other day

– We are required to keep our boots shined for our RDAP classes.

– I have a pair of boots for class, a pair for work, I have black under armour shoes and white nikes that I wear when I need a nice set. I have an old pair of under armour shoes I wear when Im working out. I save the white shoes for visitation mostly.

– I purchased the old spice body wash that smells good instead of a bar of soap.

– I purchased cologne from the commissary. I put a few drops in a spray bottle and added water. When someone stinks it up next to my bed i pull out the spray and spray it at them. I will spray a mist or a stream depending how flagrant they were. They have all the designer brands.

– You can purchases hand held mirrors from commissary, I have 2 of them.

– Early on I would wear anything to the rec yard, didnt care if it matched. Now I have color coordinated outfits, lately I have been wearing grey sweat pants and a sweater with a navy beanie. Ill wear my black underarmour shoes if Im just cruising.

Thats all I have for now!