11/27/21 “What to write about”

I have gone back and read some of my blogs lately, I hope they dont sound like Im looking for any type of pity, Im trying to be as genuine and candid as I can. I need to find some more topics to write about.  I have been thinking about writing on the business from its inception, some mile stone moments and stories, hard lessons I learned, and even take some questions. I learned from trial and error often, alot of it I would enjoy sharing, maybe it will help someone not make the same mistake or motivate someone to do more. Maybe it will just be entertaining. Give me some more ideas on topics or what you may want to hear from me.

I stopped reading books about business a couple months ago, after reading them it would make me so anxious to get out and execute, I had to stop reading for my sanity. Well Gustavo gave me a book the other day by Sam Zell who gives a biography of his business life, Sam did hundred of billions in real estate and business transactions. It was a good read. Yes, I now feel anxious again. Ugh.