11/29/21 “Church”

I’m going to write some blogs later today and this week about work and the business but I wanted to share a couple stories from church this past Sunday first.

We started singing Christmas songs, the songs we sang were “Come al Ye faithful” and “joy to the world”. Very good songs considering the time of year but absolutely hilarious listening to a bunch of prisoners singing Christmas songs. I even jumped on the parts I could remember. No one is singing the same word at the same time and it seems everyone is using their deep inmates voices to sing.

The preacher also talked about children and what a blessing they are to have and how society sometimes talks about them being a burden. He went on to tell all the younger guys to have kids, with a wife of course. I enjoy every minute with my kids so much so that I have begged my wife for another child for the last couple years. I have also discussed with her about adoption. Now that I have a felony I can not adopt but I would still like another child. So if you see my wife please encourage her lol. We are still young!