11/30/21 “Starting Target Roofing”

This is a good first question about the business. ” Why and how did I start Target Roofing?” I actually worked for the family business for about 15 years. I worked in the field for probably about 10 years of it. Yes I am a roofer. My family all worked together including my father, grandfather, cousins and uncles. It went fairly well for most of the time of us working together. At one point the family started to argue and had a falling out. Its difficult working with that many family members for any family. That proceeded with them filing legal action agaisnt each other. I was asked often to chose sides and do things for and against family that I was not comfortable with. On the specific day I left working for the family it was not planned or thought out at all. I was pulled in by one family member and accussed of giving another family member information. I had to show that it was not the case but I knew then that it wasnt going to work anymore. I resigned the same day and actually went home devastated. There were many days I woke up in the morning driving to work realizing I no longer worked for the family, this really happened. I did not work for a few weeks, I had no idea what I was going to do. I one day decided I needed money and couldnt sit around anymore. I had worked everyday since the day I turned 18 and part time from the first day I could legally work at 14. I had a call from a friend who knew a property manager that needed a roof leak fixed asap. During rainy season roofers struggle to get to leaks timely. I remember going to that leak myself in my wifes truck and looking at it the same day. It was a condo complex on winkler. I had to price it first so I gave a price of 600$. I was so scared to price it because I actually hadnt priced much up to that point, didnt know if I was cheap or expensive. They accepted the price and I fixed it that day but problem was I didnt have any tools. By the time I bought tools and mateirals I was well over the 600$ LOL. I remember the manager telling me I was half the price of everyone else and got there twice as fast. She continued giving me work over and over and still to this day gives us work! For that specific customer I bet we have put on 100 football fields worth of roofing! Crazy! I never had any grand dreams of owning a large company or employing hundreds of people. I went to work that first day because I had no money left and I needed to eat. I think people think that starting a business starts with big plans and ideas and I dont think thats the case often times. Even when the business was growing I didnt have aspirations of something big, what I cared about and what kept me up every night was getting to my customers timely and efficentley. The business just grew organically after that. I miss talking about business and I actually enjoyed this. Thank you for taking the time to listen!  Thats is how it all started.