12/19/21 “RDAP, Work, Exercise & Church”

Hey Hey, these weeks fly by fast. I have been studying a bunch for my classes, it has been good and I have learned some interesting material. We still goto class every morning at 8am till about 11am. I am 1 month into the actual program. In 2 more months they will meet with us and let us know how we are doing and if we will progress to the next stage. 

I have been exercising still and changing my diet. Most of my exercising is without weights, for example our work out routine today was 300 regular push ups, 100 incline and 100 decline run a mile and walk a few more. They have stationary bikes here that we utilize to do weighted work outs. We worked out back today as well, in order to do that we stand in front of the bike and pick it up by the handles and push it forward and up with our arms and then back 15x. We have to get creative because of the lack of weights. My calorie intake is down to about 1500 or less a day. I drink 3 protein shakes a day and eat 2 to 3 packs of tuna or salmon. I’ve been really muscle sore so imp trying to keep up my protein intake. I’m getting roughly 150 grams of protein a day. My weight hasn’t decreased a bunch lately but I think its because the muscle gains. Not much for sports this week. It gets dark early so hard to play much after chow. I feel so much better mentally and physically with exercise and eating right.  

I’m reading a great business book right now. “Give and Take” I like the author and have read most his books. If you are in business they are all must reads. It discusses how the most successful people give more than receive. They did a study of the most successful CEOs and business owners. I think its the single most important thing in business. Relationship building is important and a long term goal, not something that is achieved over night. This goes for customers and employees. I thought the team at Target Roofing did a good job with this, almost to a detriment. It doesn’t matter if your right or wrong in business, just make it right. You wont win every job or hire the best employee but if you do it for the right reasons and the right way you will win the next one. 

Church went well today, I was asked by the head inmate and priest to read the “reading” today and at future services. I dressed a little nicer and made sure to have my shirt tucked in. It was a good service today, we sang “The first Nowell”. I have not been all too upset or down about missing holidays, I get that question alot. Today during the Christmas song it was actually tough though, I did think about missing the kids Christmas plays and their singing. I will not be seeing them prior to Christmas, hopefully some time in January they can come visit. I would rather them stay home and goto everyone’s Christmas parties and enjoy all the food and presents. So much going on this time of year and I don’t want them to miss anything. We will be having a church service at 11am on Christmas.