12/24/21 ” Christmas Eve “

My family is doing really well, the holidays keep them so busy. I enjoy talking to them and them updating me on whats happening and what Christmas parties they are attending. Often times they will put me on speaker when they are talking to me while at a party so others can hear me. Love hearing about how everyone is doing, I can picture myself at these get together from years past. I talk to the kids alot and they are often short with me because of their schedules. Sometimes it makes me sad and other times it makes me happy because what is happening to dad doesn’t affect their lives much.

I get asked too often how I am doing with the assumption that I am upset or hurting, its not the case. I am grateful for everything I have and the support I receive. The important things in my life are all still here, in fact I think I have gained more than I had previously. Without this year off from life my perspective on things would have never changed. Even before my indictment I use to say that I wish I could have time off from everything in order to be able to understand better. Its hard to explain but this supposed suffering feels like a test and the harder the test is the more I feel accomplished. My family will prevail.

My plans for Christmas in here will be to play some sports and relax. I will be calling my family often to get updates about what Santa brought and what other Christmas activities they get into. I am excited to hear about it.

I want to send thanks to everyone who writes me, I really appreciate the mail and the support. You guys have helped keep me motivated. Even the simplest of cards or letters empower me to do more. I also enjoy when you guy check in with me via email or message. It is easier for me to send messages via computer.

I’m trying to think of something funny that has happened here lately, there are so many things that are a trip. In the moment I’m always like “I need to tell my blog peeps about this one” and then I forget. There is a shrimp boat captain here that told me about a secret ship wreck from the 1700s he thinks one of his boats found a couple nights ago. He says going to get the rights to dig it up and that there could be Spanish gold on it. He told me he already sold the anchor for 7k. I think thats what he said because I can never understand him. LOL. We had to give what we were grateful for at our last class this week and one of the inmates stood up and said he was thankful for the springs in his bed in this facility. Lol. There is a guy that just arrived here, he was a senator from one of the Carolinas. He found me on his first day out of quartine and said he heard all about my story. The stories he heard were all over the place, crazy actually. Plenty of interesting things happening here daily.