12/31/21 “Christmas and New Years”

Hey, Christmas went well. Sorry I didn’t write about it sooner. The family was all good and they seemed really content which makes me feel good. I’m glad they stayed in town instead of coming here. Of the 300 inmates here, I think maybe 10 had visitors, which is about the normal amount on the weekends. They gave us a whole Cornish hen(sp?) for lunch on Christmas, it was really good. They make sweet potatoes often here and its one of my favorites. I played a ton of tennis Christmas weekend to help time pass as well. 

Myself and a group of guys went out to a pavilion here at 6pm on Christmas and spent a couple hours together. The guys made cheesecake and several other things for each other. There was 6 of us. Im the youngest of the group. We shared stories of our families and things we want to do when we get out. Most stories revolved around our kids or grandkids. I’ve gotten pretty close with these guys. When it was over, we shook hands and embraced, you could feel everyone’s pain but seeing everyone trying to help each other out was inspiring.  

This week went by quickly, half the counselors in my program were on vacation. We didn’t have work yesterday or today and no classes today. It gets boring quickly when nothing going on. My kids and wife all have things going on for new year’s so I’m living through them several times a day. 

Interesting couple prison stories to share. There was a guy who got wheeled out of here a couple days ago. He took something called k 2. This apparently makes you freeze up and not move, actually stuck in the position you’re in. Well while he was high on it, he was playing the air guitar, his body froze up and he got stuck in the air guitar position. They wheel chaired him through the compound like this, to prove that the person is messed up the officers have to video tape it so while he was like this, they were videoing. So weird, first I have heard of any type of dope on campus here. 

One of my good buddies, he was a financial advisor, told me the other day that he was so terrified to go to prison that he was willing to try anything to get out of it. A friend of his told him about this famous witch doctor in some other country that can clean him of any demons. So, he flew there to see what she could do. When he arrived, she has the room set up with all kinds of voodoo stuff and animals running around. She had the animals there to be sacrificed. She told him because of all the girlfriends he had one of them put a curse on him and she needed to remove it. She did her thing and spoke in tongue; at the end she sacrificed a chicken right in front of him. LOL, he told me he was terrified. He still ended up in prison.  

Thats all I got for now. I’ll try to update again this weekend.