2/15/22 – ” VDay and Visitation ” 

I got to see Margo Sunday which was really cool, we had not seen each other in a couple months. I didn’t know she was coming so she surprised me. She was at a rodeo and kind of close so she drove over Sunday. I was making food for the Superbowl and all of a sudden I heard my name over the loud speaker. I had to rush really quick to get ready. I would usually have my clothes ironed and everything but she didn’t give me much time. We had a good visit. Its nice being able to talk to her uninterrupted for that much time. I had lost a good amount of weight since she seen me last and my mustache has grown out a bunch lol. I don’t know if I told you guys but I have grown out the sides of my mustache like pilots or detectives do. In the free world I could not have facial hair because of work so I figured Id give it a try while i’m in here. Anyways, i’m so thankful I got to see her. After she left it was pretty upsetting and tough, all the old thoughts of why i’m in here and the stress put on my family comes up, it carried into Valentines day unfortunately. I feel better today, I keep reminding myself its not much longer, and I know ill be right back at it when i’m out. The Superbowl also helped pass some time.

I have been reading more information from David Sinclair lately. David is head biologist at Harvard for aging. Im still on the health, aging and longevity kick. I am fasting and only eating once a day. I still try to eat around 2000 calories but I do it at one time. He has a ton of research at Harvard that shows eating once a day will make the body go into hormesis which is when the body thinks its under stress or adversity. At this point is when all the good things happen inside the body. My body and mind feel so much better. Margo has been listneing to some really good podcasts from him. Check it out, I believe she said website is lifespanpodcast.com or something like that. He explains some really good stuff on aging and the technology we have today. I can only do so much from inside here but she she able to take advantage of the technology and other stuff available.

The kids are playing a ton of sports right now, my in-laws have been awesome and helping out a ton. I have no idea how they do it all. Im beyond appreciative. The kids seem to be playing something every night so tlaking to them lately has been difficult but Im good with it as long as they are staying active.

Miss everyone! Talk to you all later!