2/20/22 “Hey” 

They have brought in about 20 new people into our program and unit. It has been nice getting to know everyone and helping them get settled in. Most of us are double bunked right now, I do not have cell a mate right now so I’m thankful for that. Its much different when the unit is full of people, it can be loud and TV rooms are full. The previous class graduates on Tuesday so they all should be moving out this week and a bunch of them going home. You can see the difference in the guys who have gone through the program. They are really able to articulate how they are feeling and they can use the tools they have learned to work themselves out of bad situations.

Last night we went to the music room for a bit. The guys I hang out with are Spanish so we do listen to quite a bit of Spanish music as well. I think one of them is going to try and print out some lyrics and do karaoke this week. Should be interesting.

Today is chest day so we will workout this morning with mop sticks and jugs of water, one of my favorite work outs and one of the only weighted work outs we are able to do.

On the weekends I usually clean my cell really good and enjoy my coffee. Ill sit there and stare out the window while meditating for a bit. I’m always one of the first ones awake.

This morning I went out and walked the track for an hour and did some stretching/meditating on the tennis courts. Nobody is really outside early in the morning so it is relaxing and peaceful. It was cold so I had my full sweats on. The trees have now lost all their leaves, the scenery is a bit different than the summer.

Sawyer is at a baseball tournament down in Naples. Margo is winning the Kissimmee and dade rodeo as of right now. Saylor is trying to be just like her older siblings and Stella is at softball. The family is good right now!