2/22/22 “Transistion and friend” 

Lots of guys are going home today and tomorrow. One of the guys that I got to know well put on a prayer group every night after the 10pm count. Usually 6-8 people would come of the 50 people in the program. I would come on occassion. Last night was his last prayer group so I went around the community and let everyone know it was his last night. When I showed up almost 40 people got together for his last prayer group and to say good bye. It was really cool and inspiring how all the guys come together. This man has gone through alot while in prison, he ended up serving more percentage of his time than most because of bad timing and he lost a child and grand child in a car accident while he was in. Its was beyond sad and tragic. Most times if something like that happened they would let you out on a furrlough for the funeral but because covid was bad at the time they didnt let him go. I couldnt even imagine what he was going through. He kept pushing on to get through his sentence and the program even with everything that had happened. He made it and finally went home today. It was really nice to see. The gentleman was one of the nicest guys I had ever met and Im happy he gets to go back to his family. He was a pharmicist in the free world. The first thing he is going to do is get his grandkids during the summer months and go travel the country. Its stories like this that keep me and the rest of us here motivated. Im glad I got to know him.

The rest of the guys go home tomorrow, we have exchanged contact info and I hope one day again we run across each other on better terms.