3-12-22 ” Age Later / New Inmates “

I have been reading another book about aging. The name of it is “Age Later” by Nir Barzilai. He is the head of aging at Albert Einstein School of Medicine. Nir studies centurions and how they reach the age of 100 or older. He talks about medication, genetics, technology and other things you can do now. The technology out there is unbelievable. He is also leading a study “TAME” which is researching the use of metformin on the human body. All the leaders in aging right now have agreed that Metformin is an incredible drug that is not only a great drug for diabetes but also aging. Look it up. Its inexpensive and readily available, you should be able to obtain a script for this easily. Margo and the family have started taking it.

We learned yesterday that a program similar to ours has shut down in Texarkana. There are almost 70 inmates in the program that they plan on brining to our camp here and integrating into our program. We currently have around 50-55. They aren’t sure how the integration will work but they have asked us to be patient and help out. I’m sure its going to be tough for them to move here, I believe thats kind of far away. Some of the guys in the current program are bummed out but I dont mind it at all. I actually think it will help time pass. Our program here is one of the premium programs around the country, from what I have heard some of the other programs do not take it as serious, it will be interesting to see how they adapt.