3/17/22 “Margos in Montgomery, Yoga”

Well Margo pulled into Montgomery last night for a rodeo. She is up today, Montgomery has a good size rodeo. I am here in prison in Montgomery but her schedule doesnt work to see me because she was invited to some addtional rodeos out west including Austin Texas. She is literally a couple minutes down the road. Im proud of her to continue to push on and accomplish some of her goals.

I have been going to yoga and meditation class now every Monday and Wednesday at 6pm. Its been nice and refreshing again.

There are a few guys in the program that are my age, mid thirties. They are literally from all over the world and the conversations we have are pretty funny and interesting sometimes. The cultures are so much different so lots of questions get asked. There is an Iranian, Mexican, Peruvian, Columbian, Ecuadorian(sp) and myself that will chat prior to chow hall. One thing that we all share is a good sense of humor, I wish you guys could hear some of this stuff. LOL

Contact visits are back open!!