3/6/22 ” Homerun “

Passed some time yesterday by playing softball. We have been playing most saturdays lately. The guys are actually pretty good, quite a few guys have played highschool or college ball. They have bleachers and alot of the other inmates come out to watch, and they dont just watch they love to give their opinions and the banter back and forth is funny. It was tied up 10-10 in the bottom of the 7th ( game was only 7 inings ) I was up to bat with 2 outs and a guy on first, he gave me a good first pitch and I hit a homrun to center field. Center field is 300′. It was pretty cool. I was never a power hitter growing up and in fact had never hit a homerun in baseball until yesterday. Not sure ill be sharing my first homerun stories with any grandkids in the future LOL. I play shortstop when on defense, same as my son sawyer.
We had a get together for one of the guys I hang out with, it was his birthday. It was cool seeing the guys get together again. I brought my mentee with me who is much younger than the group. It is my responsibility to make sure he makes it through the program so I introduced him to the guys Im close with.