4th July, Brand, Appeal, Prevention

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. They gave us hotdogs and hamburgers for lunch. No we did not see any fireworks, they shut down the rec yard the entire evening so we were stuck inside. I read more on nutrition and medicine. Saturday and Sunday I played in another tennis tournament. There were 16 people, 8 teams. I made it to the finals which was suppose to be played on the 4th however it is rescheduled for today because of the rec yard being shutdown. I also played in another match where the top 4 ranked players on the compound played in a doubles match. We had everyone out there watching, it was really fun. These guys are really good tennis players, I want to set up a few matches when I get out. I would also like too get my kids into it more as it can be played as they get older and out of school. Ill keep everyone posted how the finals go, they have a trophy for first place!

I have been thinking about the company more as I get closer to the door. One of the big questions going forward is should we rebrand or continue with the same branding? I bet you can guess what I want to do but I would like to hear everyone’s opinion on it.

We sent our final brief or response in our appeal out Friday last week. I am going to get a link setup so that anyone who wants to read it can. Its still a very simple concept. The governments argument is that because payroll was paid out of a different account than where the loan was deposited it some how shouldn’t be eligible for forgiveness and was misused. Our argument is that we paid payroll in excess of the amount that was given to us and therefore the entire amount was used properly. It does not matter which account money came in or out of. Money within the business is fungible. The government is saying if you have a hundred dollars in one pocket of your shorts and someone gives you another 100$ to give to someone that you must ear mark that 100$ and only give that 100$ or else its stealing. Our forensic accountant testified we used normal accounting principles used all the time. Furthermore as of today the PPP loan from the bank is still in good standing and we still do banking and loans with the bank I was convicted of bank fraud against. We should hear something back from the appeal in the next 60 days.

Last blog I talked about Grail Cancer screening and DNA analysis. The cancer screening does not cover every possible cancer especially cancers of the brain or kidneys. This is where the full-body MRI comes in. This can provide high res images of your body and find early solid cancers wherever they may be. Combined with the Grail cancer screening you would have a good chance at catching any cancers when they are most treatable.

Another test that I will be getting when I get out is the DEXA bone density and metabolic scan. Its a non invasive test that measures bone mineral density, bone strength, and percentage of total body fat and lean muscle. Getting this early on would be a good benchmark for the future and to see how certain activities or therapies may be affecting you. Ill talk a little more about the microbiome analysis next week in my blog.

Thanks for following along.