8/03/21 – Have your cake ? and eat it too! #caseysblog.

I am going to do something different and step out on a limb here. I’d like to use a birthday cake as symbolism to explain my wife on her birthday today!

Frosting is “SWEET” and if anyone knows Margo they know her and  Stella are always smiling and so so “SWEET”. Her SWEETNESS is always there when I need it, regardless of the circumstances. Margo is the frosting to our family and I’m pretty sure every knows it. WHen my kids and I mess things up or are having a bad day she is always there with her frostying to make sure everything is good and “SWEET”. With out her frosting I sometimes wonder what the kids and I would truly look like?!?

The main part of a cake is the actual cake under the frosting. Its the part that fills you up, its the substance. This reminds me of Margo more so now than ever. Our whole family relies on her to be our substance right now. With frostying and cake, the cake doesnt always get the attention and appreciation it desevres because of the frostying on the outside. Thats margo, she is the most important part of our families cake.

Candles Typically represent age but it also represents your whole life and acheivements. Its a time to reflect what you have done and accomplished. When the candles are lit it represents the good times and proudest moments of your life. What im proudest of my wife is the marriage she has given to me, the beautiful kids she has raised, her ability to create relationships with her “SWEETNESS” and smile, her competitiveness in rodeo and barrel racing, and most improtantly right now her ability to take care of this family all on her own. These are all truely lit candles and make me proud to call her my wife!

I love you Margo, Happy 36th ⭐️ birthday hotty!