8/10/21 – Commissary

Tuesdays we get all the things we ordered from the commissary. They give us a shopping list. Hopefully Margo can attach one here so you can see what it looks like. Right now they give us $90 a week to spend. Most of the items are items you can find in the local grocery store. The $90 worth of food is enough money that if you wanted to eat all your meals from your purchased food you can. I eat about 60% chow line and 40% from the commissary. Its actually fun filling out the list and strategizing what you’re going to get each day and making it fit in the budget. When you actually get what you ordered it feels like Christmas! Crazy how excited you can get over something so simple.

I’ve been eating alot of chicken, ramen noodles, and shell and cheese. LOL Reminds me of when I used to live with Ryan Dinkle and Travis Kelly. We cook with microwaves and hot water. Again, prison really teaches you to appreciate the little things.

Here is what I ordered for today:


5 chicken

2 chili and beans

2 hot turkey chili

2 brown rice

2 large flour tortillas

1tuong chicken sauce

1 keefe cofee

2 heart chicken soup

2 hot and spicy shrimp soup

2 ramen chili

1 Tofee Granola

1 Nutty Buttys

2 oreos

peanut mm’s

ajaz dish soap

dove soap



peanut butter – crunchy

ova easy eggs (no idea)?

sweat pants

Apple pie

Velveeta cheese

coffee cup pork skins