8/11/21 – “Books”

The books I have read have helped time pass. I have always really enjoyed psychology books. I find it interesting to understand why we do what we do and how we can do better with that knowledge. You’ll find the books I am reading now are about those things. I’m am however a bit over reading about psychology and have asked my family for books about different construction trades, youth football and a few card game books. And a book on how to write a book. The first book I read was ” Sapiens” a brief history of mankind. It gives you a sense of how briefly we’ve been on this earth. It goes into explaining how there were 6 different types of humans or “sapiens” at one time and how species “homo sapiens” prevailed over the others. It discusses how religion started and all the different religions this world has had since the inception of homo sapiens. Half way through the book I could tell the author clearly did not like westerners or our culture. Really did not like capitalisms or any new ages in human history. At this point I put the book down, I didn’t purchase the book to hear someone else’s opinion on what they liked or didn’t like about how we evolved. I expected a biologist to give an account of what happened and that’s it. When reading psychology books you need to be careful because a good majority of the authors are liberal and will put their own flare on it.12 rules of life – Parts were interesting. I chose this book because the author is a well known psychologist who also wears a cowboy hat! The parts I found interesting was a chapter about hierarchy and how it works within humans. There was also a good section about serotonin levels in humans and how it can predict success. The author has a good YouTube channel. “Jordan Peterson” He may be on social media too.”Noise”- This was a good book especially if you manage a business or like data and analytics. There is really good case study and research on why and how humans make decisions, and what outside “noise” really affects us. His case studies show how significant “noise”, such as bias, can have on our decision making abilities. “Think Again” – I just started reading this book. I really enjoy it so far. It discussed the ability to rethink and relearn. A lot of us make decisions to feel good rather than thinking hard. The more intelligent we are oftentimes the blinder we are to our own limitations. Going to organize my commissary today!!! Miss everyone still.