8/19/21 3 Weeks In…

Just some random stuff today.

My 3 weeks has gone rather quickly. Days are slow but weeks move fast.

They told us today that we will get tested on Friday and won’t get result back until Tuesday or Wednesday next week so that’s the latest ETA to get out. That would be about a month in one room. Lol really not that bad though.

My favorite meal is baked chicken on Thursdays. I use tortillas for about everything. Lots of PB and Js with tortillas too.

I’m close with 3-4 guys. 2 drug dealers, one doctor, and one financial guru. The rest of the guys are cool, they are just further away from me. I like the older guys because they are quiet, responsible and just doing their time.

The ideas, opinions and stories are crazy in here. Lots of large group conversations. Lots of conspiracies. Yesterday they argued for hours about if 9/11 was real and if planes actually hit the buildings. Lots of religion and race talk. I know better than to get into any of the conversations. Believe or not Trump has alot of support in the African American community here, especially the younger guys.

We have been applying for jobs here so we have one when we get out. The goal is to get something you like. I would like something in facilities or something outside. I am scared of food services. Ive been outside my whole life. I would prefer the same here. I have also applied for a teaching position. It gets really hot here apparently. Everyday they announce a “black flag” which means everyone must come inside because of the heat.

The camp holds 900+ inmates and there are only 300 here right now because of covid. It is pretty empty and quiet.

My minutes and commissary amount gets reset every month on the 22nd. Right now I only have 16 minutes left until Monday morning. Cray Cray is hard to get off the phone. LOL Saylor = Cray Cray. She always asks me if im still at work. It breaks my heart.

You can send me messages through my website. I would really like to know all who’s reading along with me. Let me know if you have any ideas you would like me to write about or any questions.

We are still working on the appeals process. Hopefully it is done in 8-12 months. Hopefully I would have a chance to be out by then. At that point though I would have served most my sentence.

Sawyer has his first football game this weekend. He is one of the starting running backs and cornerback. IM proud of him that he keeps pushing even without me there. I talk to him on the phone after most of his practices. I keep pushing him hard to be great. I told me he needs to read Talent is Overrated.

Lots of people going home early here for asthma, obesity and high blood pressure. You need to first serve 25% of your sentence.

The facilities here are really nice. No cells anywhere. No hand cuffs. Grass and landscaping is immaculate. It’s all golf course grass. This place looks identical to a college facility and dorms. No public showers. Plenty of privacy. Lots of sports fields.

Margos business Target Roofing is maintaining and doing well. They could always use more work. A good core of the team is still there.

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