8/20/21 Blog Issues

Im going to preach for a minute again. Ive been trying not to do too much of it considering I am the one in prison. A few people I know could use this next one though. Issues are a way to self improvement. When an issues is dealt with your that much more improved. For myself it has always been so releaving to flush out and solve issues. First thing in the mornings I would always shower with my phone. LOL. It was when my day started and all the issues of the day would start arriving. I would let Siri know everything that needed to be resolved. I would then  get to my office and priotize them. A simple task system such as Meister Task is a good tool to use. We have great production softwares for sales and production but for me I need the issues to start somewhere. As the day would go on the issues list would be getting smaller. It was very rewarding to me. I still often had issues on the list but that was an opporuntity for tomrrow. I got better and the company got better everyday. Point being is something is always broke and there are always issues. Its ok! You can look it in in different ways but for me they were always opportunities. Relax and execute, you control them. We had a system at the business that we religiously used. The name of it was Traction (Its a book series too, I highly suggest it). We used L10 meetings for the entire companies issues. At our highest we had 286 employees contributing to the issues list. Thats when things really got fun for me. When we first implemented the system we had thousands of issues. After a year the only issues left on the issues list was “Add more issues”. None of its easy, but I can assure you there is a solution and a way to approach it. Prison is an issue for me but I know Ive put myself in the best position to succeed moving forward. Relax, breath and keep moving. I promosie you your handling them better than most people. Life is good!