8/21/21 “Sports and Activities”

Im so uncreativity with my blog names! LOL

When you head out the door today to sports or maybe some other outdoor activity stop for a second when you get there. Take a minute to relax and look around. Do it even if you have a crazy child like Sawyer who wants to be an hour early everywhere. Notice the weather, the wind, the grass, the fields, the feeling of not being at work. Sit there and take it all in. This is what we live for and work so hard for. Its this moment that we miss sometimes. Dont think about anything else or let anything else bother you today. You have every right to enjoy it. Remember this feeling.

If your at a sports event today thank a volunteer,thank a coach, look at these great organziations that we have to support us and our kids. Im proud of my community. Please be in the moment today and enjoy.

Good luck to SAWYER and the North Fort Myers Knights today!!!!!!!!!!