8/24/21 ” Out of quarantine”

Well I still don’t know how to spell qurantine. Ill figure it out soon. They let us out yesterday!! Feels so good. It was first time outside in almost a month. Crazy i’ve been in prison for a month WTF! It felt so surreal the air and breeze, the sights and grass.   I was a bit nervous at first because now im in population. Its alot to take in. So many rules that I dont know and the rule books doesnt explain a whole lot. They moved my bed to another unit. The unit is called “mobile unit”. Im with a couple guys from quarintine in mobile unit. ‘Ive actually met quite a few other good guys already that i’ll write about, pro baseball players to billionaire realestate developer. Yes I am the new guy so they do like to mess with me but I think everyone knows that I like that. The complex is so big i get lost. The cafeteria is actually really nice and they give you so much food. Breakfast is served at 5:30am!!! Perfect. Work starts at 7am. I am with the carpenters. Seems like a cool job, they have all types of tools and machinery. There is only 3 of us there. Sorry I am all over the place with this one but I feel like so much is going on and Im trying to take it all in. I played softball today. We just did batting practice, I hit really well. I ordered some baseball cleats and a glove. I borrowed some today. Im so sore I can hardly move. I defintely need some baby powder too. Wow, this whole thing is surreal. Not sure what to think of everything or how to process, Im actually pretty happy tonight. Im going to call my wife once the kids are home. Thank you guys for following along on our journey.