8/25/21 ” Funny Story – Tennis”

They didnt play softball today so I decided to check out a tennis raqcuet out of the outpost and play. Believe or not I use to be a good tennis player. I probably played for 10 or so years when I was younger. I remember I always had to have the New Andre Aggasi racquet. Anyways, I went over to a court where I saw a buddy playing and said if they have an opening at some point to let me know. He said “come on now”! The guys he was playing with were really good but older. They asked me if I had played and I said “oh yeah”. I thought I could hang because I was younger and maybe more athletic. (I know my friends are lasting after the last sentence) I literally was envisioning myself hitting them some mean fore hands with a ton of top spin, a nasty back hand or a big serve that moved so much that they would fall down. Reality set in real soon. First ball that was hit to me I whiffed. The second hit the top of my racquet and went 3 courts over and behind us. Third one came to me and actually hit me. I kid you not 5 minutes into it and after those 3 awful shots it started raining. LOL How lucky am I, I thought. They have walls where you can practice by yourself so thats where I will be the next few weeks. Another motivation for playing some tennis is that my daughter Stella is going to start tennis lessons this week and I would really like to be able to play with her when I get out of here. I miss her and the rest of my babies. I hope she comes with my wife this weekend to see me.

Man I really thought I would still be good! UGH! Good thing I don’t quit though. Stella you better be ready when I get out!