8/30/21 “What to write about”

Hey guys, Trying to decide what you guys might want me to continue to blog about and how often? I can do day to day stuff on how my days are going, I can do book reports, I can do motivational writing and some of the things i am learning or feeling. I can do more funny stuff, I dont want to bore everyone. Ive been helping a few of the guys in here and I can write about that. I can write about my business and how it grew to what It did, I can tell you it had less to do with me than it did my team but I learned alot.  Hmmm, I need feedback. If your reading please write to me through facebook or my website. I get the comments from both.

I have been having discussions with Greg Lindberg (spelling) about some interesting topics on business. He owns 125 business worth several billion dollars. Pretty interesting guy.

I have several new roomates all of which are really cool. A brief discription: One guy is from florida and his prison name is “shrimp boat”. Im still close to Nate, matthew and Brown from quarintine. I stay right next to a really nice guy named “hotrod”. Hes a great cook. 6 kids and 6 different mommas. Loves them all. A really good dude named “Ant” He is almsot done with a 24 year sentence. He is the nicest guy in the whole group. Hes super excited to get out.

Send me some feedback!!!!