8/31/21 ” My tribe “

Well I had a good day today. I had a whole other blog written for today until I received and opened all my mail. It was pretty incredible to see all the support. Its means alot to me. The feeling you get when you know people are still riding with you is pretty cool. When I get out I plan to be more active in letting people know that Im there with them and will support them no matter what. Please, I challenge anyone reading this to let a friend or distant friend know that you are there for them. It feels good and they will appreciate it more than you know. Just think about how much time we are on the phone now, spend a few minutes a week just letting someone know you are thinking of them. Do it right now, dont procrastinate. Those friends that are still your friends but life has been so busy, let them know. I know I sure will when im out of prison. I shed a few tears today reading mail, happy tears, grateful tears, knowing my tribe still supports me tears. You guys are my bright spot here. You are my “why” which continues to give me strength to move forward with “how”. Thank you to everyone who has corresponded with me via email, mail, and my website. I know this isnt everyone who has sent me correspondence but thank you to the ones I receieved today.

Paige and Ryan Dinkle

Dannielle Crowther

BUddy Hall

Susie Swift x5 ( brad pitt and jennifer lopez )

Anne Peters

Ginger Peters

Carol RHodes

Brian and Julie Chapman

Jill Murray

Terri Crowther

My crew at Target Roofing all signed a card for me! You guys are the best

Gramma Jeanne

David Rodeo

Kim Propp

Dannie and Mary Smith