8/6/21 – “You Know Your In Prison When”

I didnt want to get too deep for a day or two. I promise I still have my humor! Miss everyone!

-Mackeral is the only form of currency between inmates

-A doctor inmate is reading “Hood Love” because there are no other books available in Quarantine

-There is a sign in the bathroom that says “flush after each drop” (personally I think this is great and will implement into the future)

-Toilet paper, shower sandal, and then toilet paper again on top of the toilet seat is the preferred way to #2

-Must always showers with sandals or shoes

-Been interrupted a dozen times in 5 minutes by guys farting

-Learned to play 3 different card games – Spades, Tonk, and Casino

-A guys name is Mad Money AKA Producer, who thinks the world is square

-Everyone is in sweat shirt and sweat pants all day because its so cold inside

-They brought a few new books and the title of the first one is “Honor Thy Thug”

-Our garbage cans ?serve 2 purposes, garbage and as a refrigerator. When we need to keep things cold we put ice in them.

-In order to use the phone you must says United States of America into it. If you don’t you cant use the phone.

-The phone reminds you every few minutes with a loud voice “You are speaking with a federal inmate”

Fun Facts:

-40% of the officers are female

-We have soccer, football, tennis, volleyball, basketball and other fields and sports to play.

-There is a bunch of inmates with puppies. They have a program that allows inmates to train puppies. They stay with them while they are here. They do it for so that veterans can have dogs for ptsd. (Pretty Cool)

-Most of the inmates are drug dealers. We aren’t talking dealers who are in for grams or ounces either.

– I only have 15 minutes of phone time a day. I have unlimited email but it kicks you out every 15 min.

– These guys make unbelievable meals. They have learned to use what they have here and you can get all spices and sauces from commissary. Eating here isn’t much different than the outside.

– They give out razors, I tried to use one this morning and I didn’t know something could be so painful. Only a quarter of my face is shaved right now

– The prison gossip is on another level. Everyone thinks they know everything. Its really quite comical.