8/8/21 – “What do you worship?”

Yes we do have church in prison and I believe pastors and priest from all types of religions from Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc.. Most of us believe in God and I plan to find my way closer to him.

For a minute though I would like to talk about other things my life that I have worshiped, material things. If it wasn’t for prison I am not sure I would have ever been able to truly see what’s important in my life. I lost my house on the water and my boat. Guess what, my wife and kids never missed a beat or ever had any less fun. We exchanged those things for the pool, parks, beach, movies and hunting. All of which were free, outside of a packed lunch.

Instead of worrying about captaining the boat or entertaining/hosting at the house, I am now catching my kids jumping off the side of the pool and teaching them how to hold their breath under the water. I’m helping the kids dig to China on the beach, I’m sitting in tree stands for long periods of time with just my son.

Point being is I’m getting to spend more quality time with my kids and my family. Our quality of life together has risen significantly, I’m happier.

SO what does have more material than the next person do?

My goals for the future will not be to work less or make less money. It will be to set more time aside for my family.

I challenge you to post one picture in my comments of you spending quality time with your family today!