9/11/21 “Visitation w/ Dannielle and Stella”

Hey guys, Im sorry I have not done a great job of blogging.  I had visitation with my sister and stella on Saturday. It was great to see them. That was the first time I saw my sister since she drove me and the second time I have got to see Stella. The visits are still just as awesome. Im learning not to be so emotional when I first see someone. The first few weekends were difficult. Im so glad my family comes and sees me often. I dont expect them to and thought it would be much more difficult. Im happy that my sister took time away from her family on the weekend with everything she has going on to come see me and bring my daughter. We didnt talk about much in particular, I did ask my sister to help me with a few things on the outside like my appeals and relay some messages to others. Its difficult to get things accomplished from prison with only 15min a day to talk, especially when you have a wife nd 3 kids. You try and save the phone time for them. My sister is my number 1 supporter. She will help me no matter what, I cant wait to do the same for her when I get back out. I love hearing stories about her 3 boys. Im jealous!

I asked Stella about her school and sports. She really wants to start riding horses and playing softball again. Softball is difficult for her right now because sawyer has football almost everyday and Im not there to take her to practice. When football slows down we will get her in softball. She has been practicing riding horses during the week and has a big rodeo coming up in las vegas in the next couple months. We have had some friends offer to bring her horse out there for her, again the support has been great. Im not sure everyone knows what it means to our family. Im really excited for her. I asked her if any adults or kids ask her about her dad, she said no one asks her but everyone checks on her to make sure she is ok. I was worried someone may give her a hard time. My kids do not seem ashamed or terribly upset. I know they miss me but they are handling it well. I know thats because their momma is doing a good job.