9/13/21 “Church Service” – “NFL”

Yesterday I attended a church service at the chappel here on the prison camp. Its actually a really nice one that holds around 100 or more inamtes. Its the 2nd service I have attended in consecutive weeks. It was a good service. The all male inmate population singing was very interesting LOL. I like the crowd in the service. Some very good guys, reminds me of being at home some. I have struggled with my faith even prior to being indicted. I use to always tell myself I would attend more services and explore my relationship with God and religion. I would tell myself when business, life and family slowed down I would go. Well, not sure if God had anything to do with it but my life has slowed down, very slow. When Im out I dont plan for it to slow down again before I start attending. Im happy to hear my wife and kids are still going. There is one chaplain who is on site 5-6 days a week full time. He helps with all the different religions and services. They bring in other pastors, priest, rabbis from other religions from some services. The chaplain also works for the buereu of prisons so you cant just go up and tell him everything. Not that I have anything bad I wanted to share but I have heard some interesting stories. Anyways, its been good and glad Im going again.

Football was great to watch. We do have all the normal tv channels so we get to watch most football games. There is roughly 10-12 tvs per unit,a unit holds 100 inmmates. Just got to find which tv and area you want to sit in. All the guys cook a bunch before game days. Lots of microwave pizzas and cakes. The guys will even grab a mop bucket and fill it with ice and keep it full of cola during the games. They keep it right next to them. My chicago bears lost last night. That sucked but the bucs are growing on me. Neither team has any followers here. Everyone is either from georgia, alabama or tennessee here. The only way to listen to the tvs is turn on your mp3 player and tune into a station that is written under the tv. You listen to the channel through your headphones. The tv room has 5-6 tvs in it so its the only way. Thats my update for the day!

Please send me some updated pictures of your families, I really enjoy getting mail!