9/16/21 “Another day”

It was another rain day today. I went into every unit on the compund an did a survey of all exisiting leaks. Im putting together a material list so they can get everything to fix the leaks. When i get into the moment of thinking about roofing I forget im here sometimes. I cant believe I even enjoy roofing while in prison. I slept in a little bit this morning because of this funk I have. I missed breakfast so I made a peanut butter and jelly tortilla wrap. When in doubt this is the goto for me, lol. Im reading another book “Range”, I really enjoy it. Its about people who have acheived great success and how theyve done it but they really go into not so much the person but some staretgies they used.

I dont watch much tv except for football. Speaking of football, tonight is an NFL game! We actually start a flag football league tomorrow too. I injured my quad a couples weeks ago so not sure how Ill do. People always ask me to describe what my area or unit is like so ill do some more of that. Where i use the computer its 3 computers setup next to each other up in the tv room on the second floor. Only program on it is this one im emailing on. The phones are in a room right next to the computers. There are 4 telephones. There is really never a wait to get on any of them. The laundry room is also right by the computers so im actually typing to you guys while waiting for my laundry to be done. Normal washer and dryers. There are about 8 of them up here and usually not much of a wait unless you do laundry on the weekends. Each building has 8 wings, 4 on the bottom and 4 up top. Each wing has maybe 12-15 people. Im in building (Unit) “mobile” wing b. They called my building “The hood” LOL!

Tonight I have a class on public speaking. The classes are ok but unfortunately most people dont take them serious. Ill see how some of the other classes turn out. Tomorrow is friday which is usual a pretty relaxed day. Believe it or not most people do not look forward to the weekends. They are really boring unless you have visitors. Nothing to do all day. Sometimes they will schedule sports tournaments on the weekends but half the time the Rec officer forgets to show up and then they cancel. Oh welll. ANyways, if you guys have anymore questions please feel free to ask.