9/19/21 “Weekend Update”

This weekend is first weekend with out visitors. Yesterday I spent most of the day watching college football, reading and making pizzas. I made 2 pizzas for the games. Today I have been watching NFL football, making a stromboli and eating butter finger cheesecake.

 I aslo just got out of Church service, 3 weekends in a row now. I do alot of walking on the track we have here. Its nice and peaceful. The have a recreation officer who has been missing for about a week now, I really dont think they know where he is. WIthout a recreation officer we are not allowed to play any sports which is a bummer.

They bring in about 30 people each month from the outside and release about 30 people. Its really cool to talk to both. I remember what it was like being the new guys so I try and help out. Talking to the guys going home is awesome, some have been in a long time and get emotional about it. Even though its not me going home it feels really good to have the conversation with them. I ask them what they are thinking about, what they are going to do first and so on. All different answers but hearing them gives me some sort of hope and enjoyment.

There was a story going around my unit about a guy who had a gps ankle monitor on him during his bond release. Supposedly it checks your sweat for alcohol, drugs, it receives messages from you pro. officer, can listen to you and so on. Sounds crazy, they finally point me to the guy and its the guy from Fort Myers. LOL Apparently in Fort Myers they have some fancy ankle monitors.

All I got for today. Ask me some questions!