9/22/21 “Volley Ball and other thoughts “

I played in a volleyball tournament today. I thought i had been playing alot better but I was picked in the last round today. I had a little confirmation bias I guess HAHA. Our team won the tournament though! The weather was unbelievable tonight. It had to be in the 60s and got chilly as the sun went down. Where the sports fields are its actually really cool. Tall pine trees and a golf course next to us. On the back side of the recreation yard is a river. Some of the guys feed the turtles everday at the same time so there are always a ton of turtles at the edge of the river waiting to be fed. I work from 7 to about 2ish everyday. We eat dinner at 4:30. Im 50/50 on whether I eat at the cafeteria or eat out of my locker. Right at about 5pm we start playing volleyball until about 7pm. Softball has been hit or miss because it requires so many people. I got my new cleats in today though. Under Armour!

My new favorite meal in my locker is oysters and clams over a bed of rice. LOL. When I saw them on the list I was like you got to be kidding me. Now Its my favorite and actually still the only thing left in commissary right now because of inventory. I did get some more commissary today. Ive been missing breakfast in the morning because its oatmeal about everyday, I bought 4 boxes of different cereal like cinnamon toast crunch and frosty pebbles.

My commissary restarted today and so did my phone minutes. I had 30 minutes left yesterday that I had been saving so I got to talk to Margo for 30 minutes yesterday which was fun!

I ordered some more shorts, socks and underwear. They didnt give me everything I ordered but it sucked doing laundry every 2 days here because I only had 2 pairs of everything.

Things are getting alot easier. My biggest challenge going forward is making sure I get into the next class thats starts Nov 16th. I kept saying substance abuse program but its a mental health program. Its also very diffciult from what I hear with less than a 50% gradutaion rate. Again, if I get into it it gets me good treatment but also a year off my sentence. I also get an addtional 6 months off my sentence for good time and then they typcially let you spend the last 9-12 months at a half way house. Which at the half way house if your good you can be out within a couple months but also spend weekends at home and  some duriong the week. If all that happens Im home in less than 11 months. There is also another pgram that gets me out in 10 months or less called the cares act. Its more difficult to explain but I should defintiely qualify for that as well.

Mentally im doing great right now. I feel like I have a great relaionship with my wife, kids and the TR team running the office.